Monday, February 15, 2010


Here is an idea I have thought about but have not tried yet.  When I do I will post pictures.

Get two dry erase boards, or an art easel.  I'm planning to use my easel.  Set the easel in between the two sides of the room.  This way each team will only see their side. (my easel has a dry erase side and chalk board side). You could use the chalk, dry erase or put paper on the easel.

I will have a phrase or word from a song we are learning or have learned.  Each time a member from each team will come to the board and it will be a race to see which team can figure out the word or phrase, and what song it is from.  After it is figured out, you all sing that song or verse.  Perhaps for the senior primary you might have them actually start singing the song, once they figure out the drawing word or phrase.    

Love Notes "He Sent His Son"

Since we've had so much snow here, the 14th was the first Sunday in February to learn our new song, "He Sent His Son".  How appropriate for Valentines day!  I explained to the children that the song is like a love note from our heavenly father.  I talked about how Jesus Christ was sent out of Love from our Father in Heaven.  We also learned the song in question/answer format.  I printed the words in large print on paper, the questions on white paper and the answers on pink paper.  Then as we learned the song I also had simple actions for each line, which really helped them memorize it quickly.

At the end, I told the kids I had a kiss and a love note for each of them.  I got some funny faces after I said that. :-)  Then I explained that Elder Bednar in our recent conference, talked about expressing love at home, and to our family members.  I challenged each child to take a "love note" and two Hershey kisses (one for them, and one to give away).  The challenge was to serve a family member or sing them the song, "He Sent his son" and give that person the love note or leave it in the place of their service.

Ahead of time, I had cut out pink card stock music notes and put them in a basket along with some Hershey kisses.  For the Junior primary I gave them just the paper notes, but for the Sr. Primary I did the Hershey kisses too. It worked well.  (pictures to come)